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Thursday 9th - 13th November

Welcome to the 8th WinterFest Astro star party

Birmingham Astronomical Society has numerous member's who attend and support both the spring and autumn star party events held at Kelling Heath and have done from the very beginning.

We decided it was about time the UK's second largest city had one and what better time than in winter as Orion and all the other winter delights are rising.

Thus WinterFest was born

Staying Warm

There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing!

Many of you have been to the Spring and Autumn events and will know that when it can very get cold.

You're pretty much guaranteed to get very cold nights at Winterfest so make sure you prepare accordingly for potential sub zero temperatures of Winter.

Winterfest is an annual event held by Birmingham Astronomical Society but is open to all veteran and aspiring astronomers.

By design we wanted Winterfest to be a very relaxed star party with a fun atmosphere, no stalls with items for sale but we may have talks in the future if the event continues to grow and people think it's a good idea.

In the meantime it's like minded people enjoying time under the stars of our beautiful universe :)

Birmingham Astronomical Society